Recent songs I've recorded:

I participated in the FAWM 'February Album Writing Month' in 2023.

"Haikus" (some have strict syllables, some don't):

Please note: these are experimental, quick and sloppy takes, but I think they are headed toward a different musical form. I hope you agree.

2/14/2023:#7 Five Haikus
2/19/2023:#10 Five More Haikus

Eight others:

2/15/2023:#8 Mother Nature's Kitchen - Aftermath (Audrey Kozak composed the music)
2/17/2023:#9 Sun Goes Down Slow Slow (Nancy Rost sings harmony)
2/14/2023:#6 Evidence
2/1/2023:#1 No Party Party Party
2/2/2023:#2 God's Accordion
2/3/2023:#3 Loose Wheel of Justice
2/4/2023:#4 Lion4Office
2/6/2023:#5 Spouse v Comet (Nancy Rost - as Spouse!)

FAWM was a revelation. I collaborated on three songs and listened to hundreds, gathering inspiration as I went. I may join again this summer for the 50/90 exercise. That's 50 songs in 90 days!

I've written and recorded other songs, some in an album format titled 'Karma Casino' recorded at Asparagus Media. Search Bandcamp (for Karma Casino) or Youtube (for Karma Casino and Ayais) or other media, but the songs above give a good enough idea of where I'm currrently headed.