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Aw, I'll tell you later.

Ok, Ok.

In high school Charlie Brown, an accordionist from the poor side of town who was in the Musician's Union, took me under his wing as a rhythm guitarist and we played dozens of gigs for the Elks Club, wedding receptions, and other local venues in places around Monterey, California - finally at a battle-of-the-bands in Santa Cruz. We didn't win. In college, where I studied electronic music, I took a class from John Cage, the revolutionary composer who changed my attitudes and perception of music. After college I composed sound tracks for a San Francisco experimental theatre company as a night gig. Then I moved East and floundered around a while, finally meeting my spouse and moving to Takoma Park, MD. Now we live in Silver Spring.

I taught for several years. Once in Suitland, Maryland at a Catholic girls school, where most of the kids were Black and the bosses were nuns. Then in a snooty private school in Potomac. We didn't see eye to eye. Then in an 'about to fail' little private school in Takoma Park. Finally I'd had it and started a tech company in the basement. I sold that to the employees after some years. Then I built a small office building with a recording studio (Asparagus Media) in that basement, where I spent time with the proprietor - Steve Steckler - and recorded 'Karma Casino' with a great, broad, cross-section of musicians from my past, present and future. Most of the lyrics for those songs were collaborations with my friend Reid Baron, a poet and writer.

We brought up our family in Takoma Park. I served on the City Council for two terms, 'til I realized that I'm too fidgety to sit through the meetings. I sold the office building to a local business group a few years ago. We now spend some time on the West coast - where a grandchild is - and I'm continuing to write and perform music.

In 2001 Karen Taylor, David Potts-Dupre, and I - along with a dozen others - co-founded TakomaZone, a wondrous collective of musicians. We had an every-Saturday gig at a local cafe for seven years, and we covered about every genre you can think of. Many recordings/CDs and performances sprung from that time.

Now is a new phase. Whatever the musical genre - let it speak truth, community, humor and love in song.