Resumé and content

What I've done and what I'm doing are here in brief. I also maintain POBOX100.COM as a 'sandbox' with music and other projects.


I'm currently working on a duplex in Everson, Washington. My entrepreneurship started in 1985. A basement tech startup grew to an employee buyout in 2015. I constructed a small office building for that company, continued to provide tech support to small businesses and later tackled another small real estate development project.


My focus is on independent voters and Maryland's unfulfilled "everyone gets to vote in all elections" constitutional mandate. What we have instead is independent voters, and many registered partisan voters, too, suppressed in elections. Independents aren't even allowed to vote. My 30 years of community involvement in Takoma Park led to two terms on the Council, then two runs for Maryland county and statewide office as a Green.


I'm tickled that audiences now sing along to short-form haiku at open mics and other performances. Music has been a focus since junior high.


I have a lovely spouse, two daughters, and a grandkid and a half.
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