haiku: a three-line poem (5/7/5 syllables)

A modern musical sandwich:

start with a haiku
two songs sit in the middle
end with a haiku

Dangling from above
Will you rise and gulp it down?
It looks so tasty

Dan Robinson/Ayaïs
301 * 908 * 3504

Musical background (Dan):

- Best paying gigs: high school band
- Composer for the Magic Theatre in San Francisco: mid-70s
- College: Electronic Music minor; John Cage a visiting scholar
- Many satisfying musical collaborations
- Karma Casino (CD), with a great team; published 2015
- Elementary school: PTA guitar classes with 10 kids at a time
- Songwriting and performance seminars
- Musical haiku start: FAWM - online songwriting powerhouse

2023 classes: